Mark Yates

I have only recently discovered the love camping since joining the Scout Association as a Scout Leader. I’ve always loved the outdoors. Whilst I was studying you could have found me sitting in the middle of Burnham Beaches calming down after a hectic exam or studying.

I’m a Scout Leader in Ealing . It was by chance that I met Ray on a Scout Leader training course (Ray was a facilitator on the course), after chatting and telling him about my past career as a professional radio presenter Ray asked me if I would like to co host the Urban Bushcraft Podcast with him. A few weeks later the Urban Bushcraft podcast was born.

Ray brings his knowledge and passion of bushcraft to the podcast, where as I bring the production know how and ask the questions that people post on our Facebook wall, email in to us or just ask us when they see us out and about. We are always on the lookout for new things to chat about.

What I like to get from the podcast is new ideas, whether it’s about a new fire lighting  technique, a new iPhone app about camping/bushcraft or maybe it’s a new bit of gear we have recently “won in a raffle”

Favorite piece of kit: It has to be my Parachute, I use it to provide a little shelter over my campfire.

Best Bushcraft moment: Using the bow drill technique for the first time with Ray and burning my hands whilst posing to take a photo of the fire we just made.

Favorite fire lighting method: Petroleum Jelly on  Cotton Wool and a firesteel.

So there you go a brief intro about me :0)