GearPods Review

Food, Fire, Water, Shelter, Navigation and Medical are the needs to consider when you think about the items you need a survival kit. With GearPods Connect you can organize these needs in a flexible and modular system using purpose-built containers, which can be joined together to create a custom solution to meet your outdoor and survival needs.

I have been using a few of the products for just over a year now on multiple trips and have yet to have a breakage or failure of either the pods or the contents. Personally I think a lot of the commercially available survival kits are filled with the right items but are of a poor quality and this is something I cannot say about any of the items supplied in a GearPods system. The contents in each pod are also in a drawer string pouch so you can keep the items together and allow you to use the pods for carrying water, which is more stable then trying to carry your precious water supply in a condom.

I have seen a number of reviews for GearPods that in my opinion did not score these highly enough as they only looked at one module, however when you look at the entire system and the versatility it offers nothing else out there even comes close to GearPods.

For the fact that there are endless possibilities for what can be done with this product I feel that trying to give it a score out of 10 would not do it justice (if pushed it would have to be an 11 out of 10 just like Nigel Tufnel’s amp), the GearPods system is simply too unique to score and everyone who ventures outdoors should carry one on them.

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