Wilderness ID

Do you carry I.D. that does not go in your wallet? I have often headed out for a days hiking or a night fishing leaving my wallet at home with some cash in my pocket. What if I had an incident and was knocked unconscious or worse? How could my medical record be found or my next of kin notified?

There are a few solutions out there such as a Road ID, a Survival Strap ID or the plain old-fashioned army dog tag. I have worn a pair of dog tags for 16 years and was looking to replace them recently as they are looking a little dated which is how I found out about the survival strap as I was also looking at paracord bracelets at the same time.

I then started thinking what else could tags like these be used for? You could have them inscribed with your personal details, your favorite quote, medical information, contact details for a parent/guardian on a tag worn by a child or as a reminder of your loved one back at home.

For peace of mind I would recommend carrying a tag of some description if you are prone to heading off without your ID, I always carry my tags camping or hiking alone or with company as they have now become part of my preparation process.

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