The Ten Commandments of Bushcraft

Below are the 10 Commandments of Bushcraft, I think they were as relevant today as they would have been when they were written.

1. Always keep learning. Despite all you know, you will never know enough because Nature knows better.

2. You never really know, unless you have really used that knowledge. Practicing what you learn can help you assimilate any knowledge, but you need to use and master that knowledge under real circumstances before you can pretend to really know.

3. Respect all things, living or not. Everything about Nature is balanced, therefore everything within Nature has its use and belongs in its place.

4. What’s yours is yours. Things that do not belong to Nature should not be left to Nature. What does belong to Nature should return to Nature after use.

5. All living creatures are friends to be. You earn or lose friends through mutual respect or lack thereof.

6. Resources are always limited. As abundant as they may seem to be, always take only what you really need to use and leave the rest for others to enjoy.

7. Risk does not bring anything good. You should always avoid risk and keep safe. Any risk you take becomes an opportunity for Nature to remind you of your small place in the world.

8. True happiness is only real when shared. Whatever you do or enjoy, it’s never as great as when it’s done or enjoyed with a friend. Never go out alone in Nature, otherwise make friends within the Nature.

9. Nature is patient. Take your time to fully enjoy Nature. Never rush things or Nature will fight back

10. Good or bad, all things come to an end. Never take for granted what is good and never give up when things go bad.

“These ten commands are passed down from generation to generation within native communities across Canada. I believe they should be taught in school as they represent the core values that are needed to become a Friend of Nature.”

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