As 2012 gives way to 2013

2012 will be a year I will remember for a long time. I shifted up a gear with getting stuff done on the website and with the help of Mark launched a podcast, this lead to meeting and interviewing John ‘Lofty’ Wiseman who wrote the SAS Survival Guide at the Bushcraft Show 2012. You can listen Episode 3 here.


We also spent an afternoon talking with Paul Kirtley and recorded it for the podcast, this has been the most popular Urban Bushcraft podcast episode so far. The numbers of listeners has far exceeded what I had expected back when we recorded episode 1 and I would like to thank you all as it gives us the desire to improve with each show.

As the Winners of the Best in Bushcraft awards 2012 have not been announced I would like to thank anyone who voted for The Urban Bushcraft Podcast no matter what the final result be, it is always very close in the end and to just be listed as a finalist would be an honor in itself.

The number of page views on the website also exceeded the targets I set myself for last year and 2012 also saw the first of what I hope are many more guest articles. I would like to thank Joe O’Leary for his article on lean-to shelters, you can read the article here.

Mark would like to get some hammock camping done in 2013 as his bushcraft new year resolution.


Where I would like to complete two projects I have had on my to-do list for a while, the first being to carve my own kuksa and the second to make my own bushcraft knife.

As we complete these resolutions we will make articles and podcast shows to share how we got along with them.

We would also like to meet more of our listeners/readers in 2013, the Bushcraft Show and Wilderness Gathering will be on my list to attend so if you see me say hello. There might even be some Urban Bushcraft goodies in it for you.

Happy New Year from Urban Bushcraft!

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