Ben Orford Crook Knives

I recently purchased some Ben Orford crook knives and compared to the Mora ones I have used in the past they produce better results on the end product. Created using 01 tool steel  in a number of sizes with a choice of two handle styles made from elm and available in left and right-handed versions, you can select a knife to suit your style and project.

I find that I leave less tool marks on the wood  during the working process which means less sanding during the final stages and caring for the knifes is easy thanks to the excellent instructional videos Ben has on his YouTube Channel. The level of customer service from Ben and Lois is superb and I would recommend these products for anyone looking to start or add to a collection of woodworking or whittling tools, you can also read their regular section in Bushcraft and Survival Skills Magazine for tips on using these tools and projects you can make.

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