Blood Group Markers

Following on from my post on Wilderness ID, I started to think about other ways of carrying important emergency information and being familiar with Velcro backed patches displaying blood group or allergies I found these tags made by Hazard 4.

“The wise front-line soldier’s practice of field-marking one’s blood-group on the boot-heel (typically with duct-tape and felt-marker,) inspired this Hazard 4® exclusive blood-type plaque. The 3-d injection-moulded rubber marker is far more durable than the traditional solution since it cannot be wiped off, scratched-off, or dissolved by most solvents. A more professional choice for a unit or individual operator in its appearance, it more importantly prevents mis-reading (imagine B+ becoming B- after some trail-wear.)”

They are available in the UK from Heinnie Haynes. I am very impressed with the construction of the tags and will be adding them to a paracord bracelet in the future.

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