Bow Drill Part 1 (bearing block)

A while ago I brought 1 kg of antler off cuts which I wanted to make a woggle or two from for Scouting, maybe a decoration for a walking staff or use on a knife handle. One of the pieces had a hole drilled in it and I thought it was a waste of a good piece of antler, until I was reading “The Wilderness Survival Guide” by Joe O’Leary who said that antler can be used to make the bearing block. Realizing I have a half made bearing block for a bow drill I set about finishing it off so it was ready to use and this is the result.

All that is left to do is drill a hole to fit a lanyard and that should see many years of good service, so only 5 days into the new year and I have moved a step closer to completing one of the projects I set myself. Might have to think up some new ones if I complete them all quickly.

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