Izula Gear Survival Tip Cards

I purchased these as I was looking to add some aide memoirs to my survival kit, but with sections on concealment and evasion I feel that these are more suited to a military market. Yet by removing one of the three cards you have something more useful for your average wilderness traveller or recreational woodsman who might find themselves experiencing a survival situation, giving suitable information on subjects such as:

  • What to do if lost
  • Building a shelter
  • Fire building
  • Signalling
  • Obtaining Water
  • Navigation

Even if you already practice these skills regularly and they are second nature when you venture outdoors it is a bonus to have something in black and white to refer to, at the very least you have something to read during down time that can keep you or other members of your party focused on surviving instead of letting panic or fear take over.

Most commercial survival kits contain instructions of some description and if you have made your own survival kit I would recommend adding some like the Izula Gear Survival Tip cards.


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