Modify Your Mora – Part 2: Sheath

Following on from Modify Your Mora – Part 1: Handle my newly handled Mora needed a new sheath to complete the project and give it a whole new look. So I gathered together my basic leather working kit which consists of:

  • Stitch marker
  • diamond-shaped awl
  • saddler’s needles
  • heavy-duty thread
  • beeswax block

I had a fairly large piece of soft leather that I got from the Identity Store while at the Bushcraft show, I had only planned to make some pouches from this to keep my gear organised in the field. So I had more than enough spare to make a simple Scandinavian sheath, I had considered making a sheath with a fire steel holder and add plaited paracord to it. As I only plan to use the knife for whittling it did not need these additions, it was just finished with a small belt loop and a brass eyelet so I could add some cord to wear it round my neck.

It has a plastic insert to stop the blade going through the stitching, which is saddle stitched along the length of the sheath. If the sheath was to be used for a knife that would go on my belt all the time I would have made it from a thicker leather, but as it is just for my whittling kit I am very happy with the result using the thinner leather.

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