Pits & Bits – Wash and Wipes

My first use of this product was not outdoors as I had intended, it was in the office while getting ready for the works Christmas party. Pits & Bits was in my travel wash kit as I like to travel light and this seemed as good a time as any to give it a go as I was not able to use the shower on the upper floor.


I took the expandable wipe and added the body wash, within seconds it expanded into a cloth ready for cleaning. I like the gentle fragrance as you clean and it does not leave that baby wipe smell I found with other products. Once wiped all over it took a few more minutes to dry and that was it, simple and efficient.

This is a great product for keeping in your bag, quick and easy to use. I highly recommend Pits & Bits for your pack, the wash and wipe system is great for keeping clean on the go.

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