Pocket Tinderbox Pouch – Shark Tinderbox

With some products you can see the effort that was put into them by the maker when looking at the container, in this case the container is a palm sized leather pouch. The pouch itself is finished to the same high quality you can expect from any leather product made by Shark Tinderbox and is available in a variety of colours. The Sam Browne fastening stud allows for secure one-handed opening and closing, it is also silent.


So on to the contents, like the pouch they are well thought out and are of high quality. Each Pocket Tinderbox Pouch contains:

  • A pendant shaped hand forged Steel Striker
  • A sharp piece of Natural Flint
  • Natural Amadou Tinder fungus
  • A tin of Char Cloth
  • 3 pieces of Jute twine

Lighting a fire using flint and steel only takes a few minutes to learn and will work wet or dry as a very reliable method or starting a fire that man has used for hundreds of thousands of years. The tinder’s included are well prepared (If you know Mark he is very passionate about Amadou both as a tinder and as a textile) and once I adapted my technique to the style of striker I was able to get a ember with only a few strikes. I really like the leather pouch as its non intrusive shape and size make it easy to keep on me while outdoors, I have mine in the map pocket of my 5.11 shirt waiting for the next trip I make as a pocket possibles pouch.

These are not yet on the Shark Tinderbox website and I purchased mine from their stand at The Bushcraft Show 2013. They are priced at £26.95 and for more information or to place an order email info@sharkdeisgns.co.uk

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