Spoon Carving

A great way of spending time around a camp fire is to carve a spoon out of wood, it’s a thing of beauty that is also practical. The grain, knots and shape make each one an individual piece of art.

I enjoy finding a piece of wood and seeing the finished product trapped inside it, all it requires if freeing with tools and imagination. To get from a lump of tree to a spoon I use an axe, two or three knives and a crook knife to make the bowl. It can take a few hours to complete, once the shape is carved and any details have been added such as initials etc it is time to sand and seal it. This I do with various sand papers until its smooth, then to seal it I use sunflower oil. Several coats over a few days and then all that’s left to do is enjoy using it.

wooden spoon and crook knife

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