Ben Orford – English Sloyd Knife

I have been using Ben Orford’s carving tools for a while and have been working towards making a full set. When this arrived I was working on a kuksa and put it to use straight away.

kuksa and sloyd

The English Sloyd knife (sloyd being the Swedish name for craft) is made from 2.2mm O1 stock, the blade is 3″ long and was designed to meet the requirements of a simple craft knife being ideal for carving and craft work. The handle is contoured and made of Elm, so it will match the rest of your whittling kit if like me you have a selection of Ben Orford’s crook and pick knives. I found the handle very comfortable for using for a few hours at a time and to power through the rough shaping of a spoon blank, I also take it camping when I need something more than a Swiss Army Knife but nothing as big as my bushcraft knife.

It arrives very sharp and 6 months down the line I have not had to sharpen it yet, I just give it a regular stropping when I am using it. Having watched Ben prepare his knives before dispatching, this extra attention makes all the difference between getting a sharp knife and getting a knife that I know I will be able to use as soon as it arrives.

Ben has been experimenting with different blade styles and a full tanged version so whatever your preference you will find an English Sloyd Knife from Ben Orford to meet your needs.

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