What does Adventure Mean to Me?

I realise that Adventure is measured by different standards by different people, there is no universal standard. For example going to a climbing wall the adventure for my friend was to test himself on the latest high-grade routes, for me it was all about learning to trust my rope at height and trying 5 more moves when I reached the height I felt comfortable at. Heights are not where I feel most comfortable at but I really enjoyed climbing at the wall. For others it’s just another activity.

For me adventure is about experiencing something new and achieving a personal goal. Adventure comes in many forms, big & small, can be found anywhere and you can choose to experience it or not. So look forward to your next adventure whatever it may be.

On the roof of the Oslo opera house May 2014

On the roof of the Oslo opera house May 2014

This is my response to the ‘What does Adventure mean to you?’ competition run by Berghaus.

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