DD Hammocks – Travel Hammock Review

I turn into a buffet for various biting insects when I head to the outdoors for a spot of camping and in a hammock without a bug net would leave me covered in itchy bites, I already had a camping hammock from DD Hammocks so I started my search there. I was torn between the frontline and the travel versions as they both had nets, what settled it in the end was the waterproof material used on the base of the travel model as I was also on the lookout for a swag bag/bivvy bag solution to give me multiple camping opportunities.

It arrived promptly along with the whoopie slings and sleeve I ordered at the same time and hung it for its maiden hang between two posts in the outdoor area at my scout hut, having never hung a hammock with a bug net before I found the setup very easy taking only a few additional steps more than hanging my camping hammock.


After climbing in I found getting it zipped up to be a bit of an issue which was quickly overcome by adding a length of paracord to zipper so I can close the bug net once I was in the hammock, laying back I found that the pockets were very handy for keeping things where you need them such as a torch. When camping I usually find myself sleeping with a Petzl head torch wrapped around my wrist so that in an emergency I have light literally at my finger tips, it’s a habit from being a Scout Leader. But knowing where to find my mini mag light and phone is very handy.


Being enclosed took a while to get used to, but once I get into a hammock I am normally asleep pretty quickly. With the base not being breathable I will end up getting a Frontline hammock for when I know 100% I can hang a hammock and do not want to get bitten by buzzing beasts. Great quality and customer service from DD Hammocks. Highly recommended.

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