Podcast Episode 15

The episode before Christmas.


In this show we get some leather pouches from Al in Canada. Catch up with IEAT Scouts and David Willis at the 8th Ealing Scout Group Centenary camp. Discover that Mark is a Burner not a Carver when it comes to wood. Terry we need to convert him. Talk then turns to what we want for Christmas from the big red fella and how to make a hobo stove.

We announce the winner of the Shark Tinderbox and North West Bushcraft Competitions, then bring you a new contest to win a copy of Ray Goodwin’s “Canoeing” book. Mark learns that Ray will always forget anything you ask him to do when he is carving. Breaking news from Frontier Bushcraft, who will be offering courses in Sweden next year. Also Paul Kirtley has 20, that’s right 20 free videos for you to watch.

Ray gives his first impressions on Surgu and we start to get excited about the Bushcraft Show 2014. We also go spoon carving crazy to talk about the 2nd International Secret Spoon Swap and London Spoon Club.

Adrian Rose talks about bread and what is primitive, along with a recipe that will make a tasty campfire treat.

Shark Tinderbox
North West Bushcraft
Damper Bread Recipe
Ray Goodwin
Bushcraft and Survival Skills Magazine
The Bushcraft Show 2014
Hobo Stove
Paul Kirtley Blog (sign up see his 20 free videos)
Frontier Bushcraft

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