Possibles Pouch

A Possibles Pouch is essentially a container that contains items that could keep you alive and provide additional comforts when roaming the outdoors, with its origins coming from the intrepid Mountain Men of the Rocky Mountain West a Possibles Pouch is still an important item to carry today ensuring that it is always close at hand. However you might refer to it as a Survival kit.

I had been looking into a way of carrying a few items on my person without filling up my pockets and a belt pouch seemed a logical choice, it stays on your belt so it is with you whenever you need it wherever you might be. It would only be used when I am in the woods as I have a different system for my daily commutes.

When I was at the Wilderness Gathering the pouches on display at the MJ Bushcraft Leather stand caught my eye, especially the one designed to hold a survival tin.

A week or so later I was making a sheath for a knife and while I had all my leather working tools out I decided to put together a rough version so I could see what problems would arise before drafting up a template and making a more refined version.

I will share how I get on in a future post.

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